MainstreamFM London
MainstreamFM NYC

MainstreamFM a series of very irregular mixes produced by FailHDJ (Sheikh) and @pher (Phil)

With vantage points on opposite sides of the Atlantic ocean, our analog and digital crates run deep and vast, with selections ranging from experimental / progressive / electronic, the many facets of contemporary hip hop, infectious blistering techno and much less.

We make sounds, rip samples, mix records and arrange accordingly. We love what we play and play what we love, with no phonies on our phonographs. Mixes are released as they are recorded, with no set schedule.

Our gamut running pastiches can serve as appropriate soundtracks for late night contemplation & plotting, watching TV with the sound off, unorthodox gardening and celestial navigation.

Latest Mix → 10th March 2018
MS030 Solar Powered Drum Machines by FailHDJ



Suzuki K1 >> 7.5cc / Fennesz / Piiri / Wareika Hill Sounds / M.E.S.H. / Wailing Soul / Trinity Meets Dillinger / Willie Williams / Mark Pritchard / Mike Parker / Mixmaster Morris & Jonah Sharp / Paul St. Hilaire / Wen / Errorsmith / DeepChord / Dorisburg / Nuel / You Speak What I Feel / DJ Seinfeld / OHM / Cottam / Anders Ilar / Secular Musics Of South Yorkshire / Benn Jordan / Special Request / Kassem Mosse / Tusken Raiders / Lee Gamble / Autechre / Soit-P.P.