MS007 Out of Memory

MS007 Out of Memory by Vijay Mahrra

Broadcast date
16th August 2009


"The objective of this mix was to lead the listener on a journey through the different stages of a close relationship.

I used to listen to a show on Chiltern Radio in Luton fronted by Martin Collins and 'Programmed for Love' was the first song I ever taped off the radio in 1985 at the age of 9. It was one of Roy Ayer's lesser-known tunes but one of the most unique and forward-looking, forget the excellent '2000 Black' with Fela Kuti!

I've tried to go for the less-obvious tracks by well known artists like Ayres and Curtis Mayfield as it's a shame when you only get to hear the popular ones, good as they are. On the whole this selection is a good spread of the sort of music I'd regularly be playing.

Canada's Moses Mayes is the best funk band I've come across since Jamiroquai and they have some great tunes on their site for download, I couldn't put this together without giving them a mention. Some say Steve Arrington's peak was with Slave and in particular the track 'Slide' but I like his 80's stuff just as much.

Just as drum and bass had peaked and was getting boring, Dillinja came out with Fluid which I first heard on the Fabio & Grooverider show. I enjoy a lot of classic jazz but then I came across The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble and saw that there is a future to this music beyond the usual bunch of ageing white boys in smoking jackets performing on their day off from the brass-band.

I could go on but anyway....thanks for listening."


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