MS011 Our HDD's weigh a fairly decent amount

MS011 Our HDD's weigh a fairly decent amount by FailHDJ

Broadcast date
6th May 2010


Picked out the more discrete and less obvious house tracks doing the rounds at the time. London was in full-grip of "tech-house" fever which in reality meant a staggering amount of very similar sounding records being released in a very short space of time. Bookended with the ferocious Vapour Space (bask in that amazing intro) and the utterly sublime electro-pop of Fancy Robots.


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118.8Mb, 192Kbps VBR

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Vapour Space / Acid Jesus / Alter Ego / Tomas Jirku / Gosub / Dan Bell / dB / Hrdvsion / Farben / Gui Boratto / Hug / Mathew Jonson / Steadycam / il.ek.tro / The Architect / Lusine ICL / Lump / Jeff Samuel / Fancy Robots