MS018 For Each Ecstatic Instant

MS018 For Each Ecstatic Instant by FailHDJ & @pher

Broadcast date
10th November 2012


FailHDJ: "For me, in the UK, the advent of the post-rave comedown or 'chill out' gave rise to a new breed of electronic music. Powered by musicians that took the templates laid down in the 70's and 80's and ran with it. But you know all that already. So here we present our definition of definitive ambient music....and there isn't an Eno track in sight."

@pher: "The goal was to stitch together a living, breathing pastiche of experiments in sound. Gentle tones and feelings that create the closest example to 'musique d'ameublement' as we could. Featuring progressive electronics, field recordings and the often maligned 'new age' selections. This is our furniture music for the future."


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Aloof Proof / Vangelis / Burhan Ocal & Pete Namlook / Boards Of Canada / Tangerine Dream / Beatsystem / Biosphere / AFX / William Basinski / / Burial / Bola / Steve Roach / Ryoji Ikeda / Global Communication / Motion Sickness Of Time Travel / The Orb / Gas / Stars Of The Lid / Autechre / Virginia Astley / Le Petit Garcon / bvdub / Popol Vuh / Namlook / Woob / The Irresistible Force / The Black Dog / The Caretaker / Fleetwood Mac