MS001 Bête Machine Discothèque

MS001 Bête Machine Discothèque by FailHDJ

Broadcast date
31st January 2007


Travelogue Minidisc memories from Geir Jenssen, audio clarity / surround sound activity. Sinewave havoc from Pateras / Fox give way to Sunn O))) & Boris' primordial sludge.

Herve Boghossian's ambient guitar glide eventually eroded away by Hecker's violent computer music. Lasse's contribution severely tested the Gain on Traktor and even managed to survive the MP3 compression run. Electronic tone playground courtesy of the Raster Noton lot: exploring frequencies ignored by most other institutions.

Kit Clayton's sorely missed excursions in tectonic disruption run riot before an almighty dub clash fills the room courtesy of King Tubby and Jacob Miller (and his arsenal of Moog synths). Dubstep manouveres start with Burial (but not before the links to Basic Channel have been established) and end with Distance's dark mantra.

Pause for drone from Rehberg before stepping back to 1990: and a techno music emitted from Britain's second city (courtesy of Network Records). Yielding catchy pop numbers from Nexus 21 (aka Altern 8), Symbols & Instruments and Rhythmatic. Liberal use of sub somehow connects this to dubstep too.

Berlin activity: Disco fever grips Robert Babicz whilst clipped precision loops are Gaiser's forte. Muswell Hill heroes Bandulu ("carpet fitters by day, beat bandits by night") get the Detroit seal of approval from Carl Craig before being hijacked by the brittle clatter of DJ/Rupture's Nettle project. Last Track: Icarus' hyperactive collision of jazz and Max/MSP patches.

The mistakes are all my own.


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Geir Jenssen / Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox / SunnO))) & Boris / Herve Boghossian / Hecker / Lasse Marhaug / Ryoji Ikeda / Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai / Kit Clayton / King Tubby meets Jacob Miller / Basic Channel / Burial / Juju / Coki / DMZ / Distance / Peter Rehberg / Nexus 21 / Symbols and Instruments / Rhythmatic / Robert Babicz / Gaiser / Bandulu / Nettle / Icarus