MS002 Panic Room Tone

MS002 Panic Room Tone by FailHDJ

Broadcast date
28th February 2007


The electronic interludes and spacious recording techniques are pierced by Selda's arresting voice, just hear her pain and pleading. Prince Douglas' liquid delivery works on a similar emotional platform. Before Monolake's dismantling of Various Artists seeps in and floods the mix.

A stroll through the haunted ballroom with The Caretaker on stage before digital intimacy is explored with Opto's nightime excursions: close up and pixellated. The violent vibrancy of the Yellow Swans' audio workshop flattens anything in their path. Before being stopped in its tracks by Secondo's superlative disco boogie (check out that mutating bassline).

Ielasi and Stelzer's drone morphs into KTL's doom. A dark place that only the likes of Venetian Snares can inhabit. Flip to the otherside and the colourful (but bitter) world of The Blow is reworked using an analogue palette by Strategy. Speedy J is calm before Cyrus' virulent strain of dub swarms over.

Kid606 manages to sit still for a while and let his laptop ruminate on life before Einsturzende Neubaten's Alexander Hacke recording of the legendary Orhan Gencebay leaves us crossing the bridge.


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Selda / Prince Douglas / Various Artists / The Caretaker / Opto / Yellow Swans / Secondo / Guiseepe Ielasi & Howard Stelzer / KTL / Venetian Snares / The Blow / Speedy J / Cyrus / Kid606 / Orcan Gencebay